‘Keeping your Cat Safe’ Campaign

The Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) is teaming up with International Cat Care and Agria Pet Insurance to launch a Keeping your Cat Safe campaign which starts in July 2015.

As part of this collaboration, International Cat Care will produce information on the most common cat poisonings, as well as those which may occur at certain times of the year. VPIS actively collects extensive details about all of its poisoning enquiries, including follow up on cases, so that those which are common, or which cause the most problems, will be covered.

An accompanying social media campaign will promote faster recognition and treatment of toxicity if it occurs, as well as advise owners on:

  • toxic substances to look out for and where they can be encountered
  • the signs of poisoning
  • what to do and how the risks can be minimised

For vets, vet nurses and technicians, there will be advice on treatment in ICatCare’s publications Feline Focus and on the charity’s veterinary division, The International Society of Feline Medicine website

This month the focus is on disinfectants; to read our article on the subject, click here: http://icatcare.org:8080/advice/keeping-cats-safe/disinfectants

Image credit: Bates N, Edwards N. Vet Rec 2015; 176: 229.
Image credit: Bates N, Edwards N. Vet Rec 2015; 176: 229.

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