The service

VPIS-Circular-Logo-RGBThe Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) is a 24-hour telephone emergency service providing information on the management of actual and suspected poisoning in animals. We provide direct support to veterinary professionals and the public.

Each poisoning case is directly handled by one of our trained veterinary information scientists. VPIS can provide advice on the effects of thousands of toxic substances in small animals, livestock, exotics, or wildlife.

For each enquiry VPIS will cover the risk assessment for that toxin and species, the anticipated clinical effects and the ideal treatment protocol with prognostic advice, in order to ensure that the veterinary professional is in the best position to provide optimum treatment.

Our advice is based on our case database of over 200,000 past cases and extensive resources obtained through research of published data. We constantly refine our advice to offer current best practice and ensure our veterinary information scientists are qualified and fully trained to handle your enquiry.

VPIS provides class-based CPD training for Vets, Vet Nurses and undergraduates, and also offers online CPD training.

We collaborate with many other veterinary associations, animal welfare groups, and veterinary industry partners to provide research insight, leaflets and other publications on poisoning themes in order to increase animal welfare and awareness of potential poisons.

Veterinary practices must be subscribed to use our services. To become a member, please see here

Members of the public or pet owners may contact us for a £30 consultation fee. For more information on our public helpline, please see here

Our history

The service was officially launched in 1992 and has since assisted with over 200,000 cases.

The VPIS is a division of ESMS Global Ltd, formerly part of Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust based in London. ESMS Global Ltd (formerly known as Guy’s Poisons Unit) was established in 1963.