‘Small Animal Poisoning’ – 2015 CPD Course Dates

The Veterinary Poisons Information Service is pleased to announce the following CPD course dates aimed at keeping vets and vet nurses up-to-date in small animal toxicology.

January 21st, 2015
March 11th, 2015
May 13th, 2015
June 10th, 2015
July 8th, 2015
September 2nd, 2015
October 1st, 2015
November 25th, 2015

* Early bird booking offer applies to bookings made 8 weeks or more prior to course date.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 020 7188 3314 or admin@vpisglobal.com



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Key Areas Covered


  • Case histories for potential poisons cases
  • Decontamination for poisons cases
  • Toxicology information resources
  • Common or tricky poisonings in cats and dogs

Cost and Bookings


  • Standard fee (per delegate): £285 + VAT
  • Early bird fee: £240 + VAT *

Each delegate will receive course notes and a CPD certificate (equates to 6 hours CPD training). Lunch and refreshments are provided.

To book a place please fill out and return this booking form below:

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Bubble-Communication-iconOur 2015 Feedback

November – London

“Good refresher and comprehensive coverage of common poisons and how to manage them”
“Lipid infusion was very interesting as were some of the drug doses and methods of giving them”
“Good advice and guidelines for clinical practice”
“Speakers very knowledgeable”

October – Manchester

“Enjoyable and informative”
“Good depth and breadth of information, relevant to general practice, good location, knowledgable speakers”
“Good overall coverage and refresher, new things also covered specifically in the treatment areas- most relevant in practice to me”
“Different to other CPD on offer, a unique offering subject/content-wise”

September – Cambridge

“Overall interesting and providing valuable information”
“Good range of topics included- lots of common presentations in practice”
“Recap on appoach to poisons cases with treamtment details immediately to hand, so can be included in our practice manual for others to access”
“Improved general knowledge about poisonings, many thanks for an informative course!”
“A logical apporach to the treatment of toxicity cases. Very informative day. Thank you”
“Up to date info on most common toxins- excellent for emergency work”

June – Bristol

“Good cover with appropiate depth of info on most common poisonings”
“Good constructive advice and approach to cases”
“Info on lipid infusion very useful to know”
“Good overview of common poisonings and how best to manage them and learnt new treatment options”
“I enjoyed meeting the people who work for VPIS. Their knowledge was impressive”

May – London

“I enjoyed the case studies and guessing what toxin was to blame”
“Very enjoyable and very useful
“Small group so felt comfortable interacting/asking questions”
“Very useful and interesting to be able to understand the biochem aspect of toxins”
“Good depth and relevant to what is seen in practice”
“Useful to go through step-by-step treatment protocols for each case and possible complications”
“Extremely good lecutures- very knowledgable, approachable and interactive with lecturers and discussions”
“Excellent. Topics fitted well and enough breaks for refreshments!”
“Lectures were engaging and kept the presentation interesting, informative and informal”
“Cakes and chocolate were a lovely bonus! Thank you”
“Specific case histories very informative and helpful. I have learnt the potential use of ethanol for antifreeze patients to be beneficial.”
“Refined previous knowledge and informed me of more up to date treatments, e.g lipid infusion and new advice re toxicity levels”

March – Birmingham

“Really enjoyed the course – very informative will be great to use in practice”
“Very informative – useful in terms of cases/treatment/outcomes”
“Gave me a better understanding of the effects of various poisonings and how they should be treated”
“Good reminder of common poisonings and up to date treatment options”
“Toxic doses, breed specific very helpful”

January – London

“An enjoyable and informative refresher covering all the most common toxicity cases”
“An excellent refresher for my knowledge; lipid therapy great to learn about; good to know about the new veterinary antivenom”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the lecture today and have some valuable knowledge to take away and put into practice”
“Consolidation and revision of common toxicities; also some great new stuff; extremely helpful day”
“Very relevant, thank you”