Pay-as-you-Go (PAYG)

The VPIS no longer offers PAYG credits as it is a subscription only service. 

Auto Top Up (ATU)

Practices purchasing credits with a debit or credit card may opt for a ‘recurring transaction’ (i.e. Auto Top Up). Each time your credit balance falls to zero, your account will be automatically credited with the chosen number of credits and payment taken from the assigned credit or debit card. Credits are valid for one year. One credit is equivalent to one case in hours (Monday- Friday 8am- 8pm) and two credits are equivalent to one case out of hours.

ATU Pricing

(as of 1st May 2019)


Alternative payment methods

Alternatively, you can opt for the annual membership. More details regarding the annual membership can be found here.

Accessing your online account

You will need to activate your online account and create login details to manage your subscription. This account enables you to:

  • Purchase credits
  • Download your membership certificate(s)
  • Print invoices for each purchase
  • Print invoices for each enquiry
  • View your past enquiries