Washington Vets4Pets Ltd

Service received was excellent, very thorough and the staff member was patient and understanding. Couldn’t have asked for more from this service on this occasion

PDSA PetAid Hospital

Your service is INVALUABLE – thank you so much for all your help over the years

Drove Veterinary Hospital

Very helpful – the owner sent some pictures of the mushroom and the mycologist rang us with the likely species and advice


Service very helpful and useful, even though presentation was very vague since toxin unknown


Service was excellent. Having fungus expert on hand who called me and went through if all was reassuring that all symptoms seen made sense and expected outcome. Lovely bloke!

Medivet Veterinary Partnership

The service was exceptional, the lady I spoke even phoned me a little later to suggest to check the pH of the saliva in case it was alkaline and to wash the residue. Very helpful